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WOW Media is an industry leader in lighting, networking, security, and automation solutions. We put you in control: electronics, appliances, surveillance, and more, all at the touch of a button. Delivers power and performance on one platform that coordinates the technology in your home or business into complete, brilliant experiences—interactions that fit your lifestyle and are easy to enjoy.

With 60 years of combined industry experience, we know that the most successful projects combine outstanding design with comfort and convenience.

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Imagine effortlessly controlling your lights, security, climate, and entertainment systems with a simple touch. Our expert team at WOW Media tailors solutions to fit your lifestyle, offering not just convenience but a glimpse into the future of smart living. Transform your home into a haven of efficiency, security, and luxury – discover the possibilities with WOW Media today.

Home Automation

We have designed state-of-the-art home automation systems that allow you to control everything in your home with the touch of a button. Whether you desire to replace multiple remote controllers with a single elegant touchpad or operate your home systems from any mobile digital device, we will turn your house into a sleek and modern work of art.

Lighting Control

Your busy schedule doesn't have to get in the way of keeping your home beautiful, day and night! At WOW Media, we are dedicated to saving you time, energy, and ultimately money. By having an efficient lighting system, you are investing in your home.

Our advanced lighting control system allows remote access to your lighting system.  Be welcomed home by a well-lit driveway and a cozy indoors. Adjust the lighting in all or individual rooms with the touch of a button.

Automated Shades

With motorized shading solutions, you can easily raise the shades to add sunlight, or lower them to reduce heat buildup and add instant privacy. Shades can be preset to automatically open and close during a specific time a year, effectively controlling sunlight to prevent harsh U/V rays from damaging expensive furnishings. Or if you prefer, you can simply push a button to adjust them when you want, achieving the greatest beauty and efficiency in each room at all times.

Whole House Audio

Are you tired of only having music in one room of your house? Upgrade your home entertainment experience with our expertly installed distributed audio systems. With our cutting-edge technology, you can enjoy high-quality sound throughout your entire home, filling every room with your favorite tunes.

Whether you're hosting a party or simply relaxing at home, our professional installation team will seamlessly integrate the speakers into your existing décor, ensuring a sleek and unobtrusive setup.

Whole House Video

Whole House Video systems allow you to experience the magic of superior sound, video, and entertainment throughout your home. Share your movie library, streaming video, and satellite channels to every room from one clutter-free closet of equipment. There is no need for setup boxes or multiple video sources. All your devices can be connected, showing the same content or playing separate media in each room. Once set up, it is easy to use and can be updated quickly and easily.

Dedicated Home Theater

We have all the ingredients to make a custom home theater that you have always dreamed of.

HDMI, 4K, 8K, QLED, 5.1 or 7.1, lumens, etc. Are these terms you should be familiar with? Not necessarily... but they are still very important to the setup of today’s home theater rooms. That’s exactly why we are here to help. Our experienced designers and technicians will customize your space to suit your style and budget.


In this day and age, it’s important to stay connected. Whether it’s your home or business, we have the expertise to install and configure various levels of networking.

From a mesh network extending Wi-Fi to all areas of your home to a server-based network, proper planning and installation are key to a well-secured and efficient operating system. No matter how many devices you need, your system will be strong enough for whatever the future brings.

Work Spaces

At WOW Media, we provide audio video solutions to suit a number of corporate applications. With the expertise and latest technology we provide, you are sure to find a solution to best fit your needs and budget! We offer screens, projectors, speakers, and TVs that are perfect for presentations and video conferences. With their crystal clear sound quality and high resolution images, you’ll understand the difference an WOW Media system makes! Our products are easy to use, but we also offer maintenance for all of our equipment so you’ll always have a product you can rely on.

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See your home in a whole new light!

WOW Media provides beautifully designed, superior products that help you live a life of ease, beauty, and luxury. We all know how important lighting is to put us in the right state of mind, and WOW Media can make this possible. Transform your bedroom into a place of peace and tranquillity; keep your kitchen productive, functional, and clean; turn your garden into a place of mystery and fantasy - all with the power of the right lighting!

Control your entire lighting system with the touch of a button and save energy at the same time. The possibilities are endless and we will help make your home the best place it can be.

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Illuminate Your Outdoors, Transform Your Nights: Lighting Excellence Beyond Your Doorstep

Just as your lighting inside the house can all be connected and controlled together, so too can your landscape lighting. With automated photocell daylight sensors to pre-programmed scene scheduling, your landscape lighting doesn't need to be anything you worry about controlling. Instead, enjoy not only the aesthetics of uplights and downlights beautifully accenting the exterior of your home but also the natural added security it offers.

Ask us about how you can monitor and control your landscape lighting from anywhere in the world using our smartphone app.

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